Cardinal Bastards Series 6 - Danilo Connor Cardinal - CAR00006

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Date Issue : May. 18, 2017
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Vanessa
Price : PHP 139.00
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About This Book

From a tiny spark, he turned her into a scorching inferno… with just a kiss. Alexandra was suddenly an orphan, without any idea who took her mother’s life. She needed to seek justice. In doing so she met Connor, a con artist like herself who conned her of her hard-earned money. Sa kung anong dahilan, palaging pinagtatagpo ang kanilang mga landas sa pamamagitan ng mga kontrata sa trabaho. Until they found themselves in the hands of a mob leader, who forced them to get married in Vegas. Alam ni Alexandra na peke ang kasal… pero bakit ibinigay niya kay Connor ang sarili nang buong puso?

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