Kristine Series 22 – Wild Passion (New Edition) - KRG00022

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Date Issue : Nov. 16, 2018
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Martha Cecilia
Price : PHP 90.00
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About This Book

“Now what shall it be? Go home or have a drink with me?” tanong ni Benedict, watching her over the rim of his goblet. Julianne saw the challenge in his eyes. Itinaas niya ang mukha, accepting the challenge, tulad ng pagtanggap ng maliit na insekto sa paanyaya ng gagamba na gumapang sa sapot nito. And this man wasn’t an ordinary spider. He was a wolf spider. A predator. But come to think of it, she didn’t have anything against wolf spiders. “Okay… I’ll have one or two shots,” she said boldly, wise or foolish, so let it be. Benedict grinned devastatingly. And she stopped breathing.

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