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Date Issue : Jun. 18, 2020
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Marione Ashley
Price : PHP 89.00
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About This Book

No matter where, no matter what kind of universe, no matter how different he might become, she would still fall for him all over again. Irrevocably. Undeniably. Unchangingly. Ilang beses nang hiniling ni Champagne na sana ay makasama niya uli ang lalaking pinakamamahal. She would give everything just to be with Rum again. Just to hear his laugh, to see his smile, to feel his body again. Kaya isang araw, pinagbigyan siya ng langit. Napunta siya sa ibang universe. Isang universe na iba sa pinanggalingan niya. A universe where Rum was alive. But this Rum was entirely different, the exact opposite of her Rum. And she was falling in love… again. But this time with this version of Rum. Alam ni Champagne na hindi puwedeng mangyari iyon dahil babalik din siya sa totoo niyang universe. But if this was wrong why did it feel so right?

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