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Date Issue : Aug. 04, 2020
Publisher : Red Line Media
Price : FREE
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About This Book

“I knew that it’s you, that it’s still you and it will always be you…” Talia was born with a rare blood curse. She happened to be a breeder who could carry a vampire’s child. Dahil sa sumpa, nagkasunod-sunod ang mga kamalasan sa buhay niya. The root cause was the male vampires who surrounded her like bees to a flower because they needed her blood for two things: one, in order to be able to walk freely under the sun and two, to fulfill their sexual fantasies. They were all over her, trying to win her heart to make her choose one of them. That was the reason why she hired Idris Montecarlo, the mysterious bodyguard straight from Britain. He assured her that he could help her ward off the very creatures that she loathed the most. Mula nang dumating si Idris sa buhay ni Talia, tinigilan na siya ng mga bampira. Idris was perfect. And she had fallen for his charm. But meeting Idris also made Talia realize that everyone had a hidden agenda, and everyone had a secret…

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