My Love My Hero: Kiel Part 1

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Date Issue : Oct. 29, 2020
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Martha Cecilia
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PHP 45.00
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About This Book

Tumakas siya mula sa kanyang mga magulang upang kamtin ang kalayaang inalis sa kanya. From one place to another, Aleya kept running from his stepfather's men. While on the run, a complete stranger, named Kiel Montañez, abducted her and brought her to paradise as his captive. She was his hostage to lure his stepfather to a trap. Nakapagitan siya sa dalawang taong parehong mapanganib at mahigpit na magkaaway. But Aleya was shocked to discover that she wanted to be freed from devastatingly handsome captor just as much as she wanted him. But would she be his hero? O para kay Kiel, was she just a mean to an end?

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