You Won't Like Him When He's Mad Book 2

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Date Issue : Dec. 16, 2014
Publisher : Red Line Media
Author : Yui Chizuru
ISBN : 978-971-02-8451-1
Price : PHP 119.00
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About This Book

"Our gazes were just inches appart and there was no space between us, with the rest of the world streaming by. Only the stars, the sky are the witness... Then, he possessed me over and over again." Kyle married Zoey just for two reasons - to get even with her and use her for his sexual fantasies. That's why every time she pisses him off, he uses her body to punish her. And he likes it, it always feels like she was his mind, heart, body and soul. And Kyle knows that deep inside him, he longs to feel that. But he believes that Zoey doesn't have a heart. So he'll just use her; besides he really want Zoey's body... her kiss, her touch, the way she moans in pleasure. And when he is done with her, he will just drop her like a hot potato. But something happened between them. And it turns their world upside down...

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