RR00024 - Last Night Of Innocence

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Date Issue : May. 27, 2015
Publisher : Red Line Media
Author : Race Darwin
Price : PHP 239.00
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About This Book

“I want you now, Ella. And I’m going to taste your whole body with my tongue and feel your breath on my neck while I’m making love to you.” Pinlano ni Ella na gapangin ang first love na si Andrei. She needed to prove to this man that she was a better lover compared to his new apple of the eye. Hindi alintana ng dalaga ang kadiliman ng kuwarto. All she cared about was how she would pleasure this man. And so, she kissed him, touched him, teased him, and licked him. Lalong na-excite si Ella nang tumugon ang lalaki—mas mapaghanap, mas intense, mas nakakapagpainit ng kanyang pakiramdam. She felt good, sexy, had never been that contented in her life. Just before Ella fell asleep, she knew that tomorrow will be a better day. Ngunit sa halip na si Andrei ang magisnan matapos ang isang maalab na gabi, ang mukha ni Fabio ang nakita ng dalaga. Wait a minute! Hindi ang kanyang first love ang “first time” niya? Pero hindi naman mapigilan ni Ella ang sarili na masabik kay Fabio. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about that night, how he made her a woman, how he took her and made her scream in ecstasy. Isa lang ang sigurado si Ella. She wanted Fabio. After all, he was a great lover and Fabio was ready to offer her more. He can warm her bed… And touch her heart…

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