A Chance In Love

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Date Issue : Jul. 23, 2015
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Price : PHP 45.00
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About This Book

“Wala nang mas pe-perfect pa sa `yo. Ikaw ang prinsesa ko. And soon you’re going to be my queen. Ano ang gagawin mo kung makakilala ka ng isang guwapong lalaki while you were on your way to seek revenge against someone from your past who broke your heart and made you sad your whole life? a. Deadma. Walang guwapong lalaking makakasira sa mga plano mo. b. Go with the flow. Hindi naman masama kung mag-sideline ka ng flirtation habang nasa misyon ka. It would be like hitting two birds with one stone. c. Abort mission. You once missed your chance at a happy ending. Take a chance to have a new one with this guy. Apparently, si Mikaela, hindi makapili ng sagot. She was torn between believing that revenge was sweet and love could heal her scarred heart. And then she realized na kulang ang choices. Dapat may letter d and it should say: Grow old alone. Hindi ka maka-move on sa past, hindi ka makaka-move forward. You’re going to lose the man. Then Albert came. Oh, no! Base sa mga ginawa niyang hakbang, iyon ang landas na malamang ay tatahakin niya at habang-buhay na ire-regret. How about turning back time and choosing letter c?

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