TBM00003 - Troublemakers Trilogy 3 - Sinister love

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Date Issue : Mar. 03, 2016
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Tyra
Price : PHP 45.00
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About This Book

Sinister had been in love with the same guy for as long as she could remember­­­­—si Jino Carvajal. Kaya lang kung tratuhin ni Jino si Sinister ay parang nakababatang kapatid. Malapit kasi na magkaibigan ang mga tatay nila. And she absolutely hated it. Because she felt like he would never ever see her as a woman. After years of suffering from unrequited love, Sinister decided that she finally had enough. Oras na para baguhin niya ang tingin ni Jino sa kanya. She just hoped that skills in seduction would be enough for him to change his mind. “I tried so hard to treat you like a prized little sister para lang makumbinsi ko ang sarili ko na kapatid nga lang ang tingin ko sa `yo...”

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