The Governor's Wife - RR00081

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Date Issue : Mar. 23, 2017
Publisher : Red Line Media
Author : Mandie Lee
Price : PHP 179.00
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About This Book

“But you were the one who touched my life in the most unexpected way, Pepper. You messed me up real good, woman.” Matagal nang in love si Pepper sa kababatang si Radley. He was her very first kiss at eighteen and they made a pact that Radley would pop her cherry when she turned twenty-five. Pero hindi si Radley ang unang lalaki sa buhay niya, kundi ang kuya nitong si Jaidon. What the hell happened? Blame her impulsive, bahala-na-bukas personality, or maybe blame the young governor’s searing touches and kisses? One night with him was equal to a scandal. Suddenly, Pepper found herself amidst a family drama, dark secrets, and political bullshit. Her fun, carefree world had turned upside down. Bakit ba kasi siya pumayag na magpakasal kay Jaidon? Eh, sa kama lang sila nagkakasundo. Ah, yes. How could she resist him when he made her discover her secret cravings? Her hot, wanton womanly cravings that only the hottie governor could provide…

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