Hitman Tony's Summer Camp Survival Guide - RF00016

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Date Issue : Nov. 20, 2017
Publisher : Rebel Fiction
Author : Rose Tan
Price : PHP 99.00
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About This Book

“You risked your life for me. Not many people will do that for me. Thank you.” HITMAN TONY’S TOP TEN SUMMER CAMP SURVIVAL GUIDE: 1. Be willing to crush a guy. Crush his face, that is. 2. If you can’t be scary, be frightening. 3. Eat nothing but beans… then let each little bean be heard at quiet moments. Fffwwwttt. 4. You must not agree to wear your underwear outside your clothes. Ever. 5. Wear a shirt that bears this sign: “Been breaking bones since first grade.” 6. Chew gum. Saliva is a weapon when your fists are tied. 7. Never ever show weakness. Don’t kiss your mom. 8. Start a fire by rubbing your fists together. 9. Hide your toothbrush! 10. If all else fails, run till you puke!

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