Gems 34: Sunset And You

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Date Issue : Oct. 27, 2020
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Martha Cecilia
ISBN : 978-971-02-6825-2
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PHP 85.00
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About This Book

“Mula sa kung saan ay dumating ka sa buhay ko, Jessica, na tulad sa isang rumaragasang tubig. Now out of the blue, or just out of whim, you want out of my life. Why? What have I or haven’t I done?” For a fleeting moment she thought she saw pain cross his eyes. But of course, that was just her imagination. Dahil nang muli niya itong tingnan ay wala kahit na anong ekspresyon ang mukha nito. Then Jessica said good-bye, hoping against hope that she would survive without him in her life.

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