Vagabond's Creed - LIB00471

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Date Issue : Jun. 05, 2018
Publisher : LIB Creatives
Author : Makiwander
Price : PHP 154.00
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About This Book

“You made me realize that I can still love despite the scars and the wound. Please, bumalik ka na sa `kin.” Attorney Midnight Sandejas was seeking revenge and Noelle Gomez was in need of legal services. The moment their paths met, Midnight knew he could help Noelle while secretly executing his revenge. Gagamitin ni Midnight ang kahinaan ni Noelle para makuha ang kanyang inaasam na katarungan at paghihiganti. He had planned it cleanly, fool-proof and he would say intelligently. Pero wala nga yatang plano ang walang butas. The moment he had a taste of Noelle’s lips and innocence, nabaliktad ang pangyayari, parang siya ang naitali nito sa mga kamay. Midnight tried his best to pick himself up from the hot mess he got himself into, but it seemed that it was too late. He fell hard and thoughts about Noelle and the nights they had shared together lingered on his mind longer than expected.

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