Walk of Shame - LIB00482 (New Edition)

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Date Issue : Jul. 17, 2018
Publisher : LIB Creatives
Author : Aniya B.
Price : PHP 135.00
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About This Book

The story of a girl who’s damned for as long as she may live. Akiko is a girl with a dark secret. There are exactly ten rules in her life that she promised to live by and never ever break. 1. Take `em and trash `em. 2. Get but never give. 3. Never “do” them twice. 4. Ignore the bitches. 5. Don’t ever worry about pleasing everybody. 6. Never “do” someone who’s in a relationship. 7. Never be ashamed of yourself. 8. Never start a fight. End one. 9. Never let anyone see your weak side. 10. Never fall in love. And then Sed happened…

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