Arvy Nicole’s First Love Survival Guide - RF00043

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Date Issue : Sep. 11, 2018
Publisher : Rebel Fiction
Author : Rose Tan
Price : PHP 82.00
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About This Book

“Your heart is gold. It’s the reason you shine, girl. Keep it shinning.” ARVY NICOLE’S FIRST LOVE SURVIVAL GUIDE: 10. DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING `Cause you’ll lose. 9. DON’T ALIENATE YOUR BFFs You need your team when the going gets tough. 8. DON’T SNOOP Stalking the Boyfie is just tacky. You didn’t force him into the relationship, he willingly went for it because you’re adorbs. 7. YOU DON’T OWN YOUR BOYFIE And he doesn’t own you. Eww. Possessiveness is so last century. 6. BUT HONESTY IS CLASSIC Like pearls, you can never go wrong with it. 5. DON’T WORRY ABOUT LABELS Call him anything you want `cos you’re totally awesome. 4. KEEP YOUR OWN SPACE AND TIME He’s not your iPhone, spend time away from him. 3. NEVER LOSE YOUR IDENTITY You’re not baptized little Miss His-Girlfriend. 2. ACCEPT THAT FIRST LOVE MAY, Uh... DIE That’s why #3 and #9 are necessary. 1. LOVE WITH ALL YOUR HEART Because the bitterest tears are shed not over love unrequited but over the love you didn’t show. This from Tatay Boy, our family driver.

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