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Date Issue : Feb. 12, 2020
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : Rose Tan
Price : PHP 98.00
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About This Book

My name is KIKI VALDERAMA. I’m the illegitimate daughter of a very rich man and a glamorous model. They’re gone now. And my life’s about to turn from posh to poor. My half-brother, the legitimate one has tricked me into signing away my inheritance to him. Now, he’s after my very big house, too. I needed money so bad. So, I got smart. I sweet-talked a guy into stealing my mom’s beloved painting for me to get the insurance money. But things didn’t quite go as planned. Now the poor guy is wanted for robbery and murder. His name is ADAM, Btw. And he’s so cute. But he hates me for getting him into this mess. What to do?

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