Law Series 2: Convict Me, Attorney

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Date Issue : Apr. 05, 2022
Publisher : LIB Creatives
Author : Josh Gonzales
ISBN : 9786214019526
Price : PHP 427.00
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About This Book

Shortly after my father was found guilty of graft, I, Avery Heimsworth, experienced a drastic downfall of my law career. In a desperate attempt to save my life, I moved to a remote city to start a new life only to become a nobody later on. I eventually got to used to it, until numerous cases of murders in our small town turned my world upside down. The local government formed a secret team of top prosecutors and lawyers to catch the mastermind, one of which was a mysterious guy who could see and predict deaths through his dreams. Eventually, our team found out that the unspeakable murders were committed by a serial killer who killed women with a pattern. With the hints left by the killer and with the help of our gifted companion, would we able to crack the codes and arrest the real culprit or would we die before we could do it?

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