University Series 1: The Rain in España

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Date Issue : Feb. 20, 2023
Publisher : Precious Pages Corp.
Author : 4REUMINCT
Price : PHP 375.00
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About This Book

It was probably for the best. Sa lahat ng ginagawa ko, ibinubuhos ko lahat ng makakaya ko. I had a great passion for architecture, and I spent years dedicating my mind,body, and soul to every work I made. Lahat ng paghihirap ko, nagbubunga. Dean's Lister. Iyon ang pagkakaparehas namin ni Kalix. Our goals and priorities were already set from the start. But one day, it became destructive. I was not satisfied with my works anymore. I lost my passion. I lost a clear view of my future. My art.... was not the same anymore. Kalix was also not the same anymore. So it was probably for the best. Ending it.

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